Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Dream Job

Hi there everyone.
Well, not everyone.
Women really.
Women aged anything between 28 and 42.
Under 28 is too young but I've got a thing for slightly older women so I quite like that.
Where to begin.
Despite my age, I have never worked a day in my life.
I've always wanted to work but have never gotten around to it.
I lay here on my couch and contemplate what my dream jobs would be.
Here they are 10 of my choices in no particular order.
1) Yo yo designer.
2) The guy in movies who always gets killed first.
3) Inventor of band names.
4) Harpooner.
5) Ballroom dancing judge.
6) Invisible librarian (so I can read all day in peace and quiet).
7) Fishmongers assistant.
8) Breeder of exotic animals.
9) Man on street corner.
10) Policeman in Hong Kong.

As you see, despite being unemployed, I am quite ambitious.
Perhaps there is a nice unemployed girl out there who may like to lay on the couch with me and contemplate a better future.


Blogger Gavin Mouldey said...

I'm a part-time librarian, and really, it's not entirely necessary to be invisible. Self-check machines and the avoidance of eye contact both contribute to a satisfyingly uneventful shift.

9:46 PM  

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