Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tradesmen Required

I seek the services of some tradesmen.
In particular a bricklayer (tradesman A, hereby known as TMA) and a painter (tradesman B, hereby know as TMB.
I shall explain my needs.
I have a large studio apartment.
I will lay in the middle of the floor, wearing nothing by kitchen gloves.
TMA will be required, using recycled bricks only, to build a 5 X 5 "box" around me.
The box will need to have a couple of bricks missing, so that someone could reach inside to pass me cheese and crackers, sparkling cider, the dictionary, alphaghetti-spaghetti and other stimulants.
TMB will be required to paint the outside of the "box" in a sparkling sunshine colour, reminiscent of a prarie morn in April.
I am not asking anyone to do this for free of course.
Quotations required before building should commence.
Regards, Teresa.


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