Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Plea

Last year I was in a terrible accident (a bath fell on me).
It has left me disfigured.
I am missing part of my right leg and have been left with wooden hands, a functioning eye fashioned from a new organic material and a bloodpack that hangs from a strap behind my left calf.
I can walk but need to use a special device.
It looks a bit like a walking stick but has a small battery powered piston system to enable me to walk up and down stairs, and to use the swings at the park without tumbling off.
As you can imagine I am not considered the stuff of supermodels.
Perhaps someone out there can help me achieve the pleasure I cannot give myself, as my wooden hands are a little chilly for self loving (and there is always the chance of a splinter).
And open mind and an open heart are all I seek.


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