Thursday, December 07, 2006

Have You Ever Bought Something Cheap Because It Was A Little Faulty?

Everyone has their little quirks in life, don't they?
Some people are short.
Others have a dicky eye.
Some people have a lisp.
Even perfect beautiful people.
The new James Bond guy is a mumbler.
Tom Cruise is insane.
David Beckham married a scarecrow.
Imperfections in an otherwise flawless checklist.
Like I said - everyone has their little thing.
Several years ago I was fishing with some friends on the North Sea.
My line was snapped up by something rather large and a struggle ensued.
After an hour of toil I finally managed to haul my catch to the surface.
It was a large seal!
I don't really like the taste of seal too much so I reached for my knife to cut the line.
In the confusion I leaned too far forward, the seal saw his chance, bit off my head and made fast his escape.
I cook.
I clean.
I put the toilet seat down.
But I don't have a head.
To make people comfortable I have had a prosthetic head made.
It's been designed with a smile, so no matter how bad your day will have been, you'll always return home to a loving grin.
Perhaps there is an angel out there who can see past my disability and learn to love me despite my deficiencies.
Hope to hear from you.


Blogger Bryan said...

This is... different. And believe me, I know about "different" stories. But I like it...

6:38 PM  

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