Thursday, December 07, 2006

How Do you Feel About Buttons?

When you say it over and over again, "button" really is a funny word isn't it?
Now then, when I use the word button I mean it in the British way - the little round disks that hold your shirt together.
Not the American use of the word (we call them badges, like on policemen not like in Wind in the Willows).
I collect buttons.
It's not everything I'm about, but when people refer to me they say "Oh look, here's David, that button guy", or "There's, Buttons!".
I've longed to have the nickname "Buttons" for years, but it hasn't stuck.
People mostly call me Dave or David.
I have piles of the damned things, mostly because I am a button salesmen.
Many people might think that is a very dull job but I can assure you the world of buttons is a very, very exciting one.
One can simply google the word "button" and a whole universe of button info will be opened up before you.
But I won't bore you with the details, as I'm hoping to meet a nice girl who might have an interest in buttons, but doesn't know where to start looking.
Let me assure you future button lovers - if you would like a guide through everything buttonesque, I am your man.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

PS - I'll give a free button to everyone that lets me take them out for a coffee. Not a really fancy one you understand, but a good one, probably in black.

PPS - I have a special unwatched DVD that I've been saving for a special occasion, "Buttons And You", perhaps we can get all cosy in front of it one winters eve.

PPPS - I really love buttons.


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